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Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
I actually skim over a lot of the threads in many of the different areas of the forums. I am thinking that most of us do.

I am picking up on a common theme amongst the Federation-centric and general forums that has me a bit down. That theme is a yearning for a true Romulan faction...and married to that theme are the ideas that for all intents and purposes the KDF as a faction should be considered "done" because it is likely that more players will flock to the Romulan faction anyway, and the KDF really does not need much new content...or ships...or storyline..and that it has been three years...and this is all the KDF should expect, other than the ability to start at level 1. I even saw one guy say that the number of ships are like 50 or so available at Tier 5, and that the KDF has more variety of vessels than the Feds do, and don't need any more ship types at all.

You know...if that happens (a new rom faction with the KDF being considered "done" as is)..well, I am a lifetime subscriber, so "leaving" the game is not really an option since I can pick it back up wherever I may have left off at...but if it goes down in this way, I will be extremely dissapointed.

I know that what is driving this is a certain demographic in the Federation player base that does not care the slightest for Klingon content or the KDF faction -- all they care about is getting into that sexy Romulan War Bird as soon as they can...and so they view the KDF as an obstacle to that goal...and obstacle that they really do not see as an obstacle because they -- in their own minds at least -- do not recognize the KDF as a true faction in this game.

It is sad. And depressing.
the feds have close to 100 ships last time i counted and kdf 60odd how it that fair only thing i want from cryptic is a few missions so players can choose to play kdf without having to lvl a fed.

also when they make a fed ship they make a kdf version too that not much to ask for. i want the factions to be treated equal ballance them out.

i have never ever come across a game where the dev pick one faction over the other it doesnt make sense its just bloody lazy.

and as for saying more players play fed so its more bang for buck they shot them selfs in the foot. they force players to choose feds and never produce fair content for kdf so most players dont bother to try kdf since they already spent time and money on feds.

MORE people would play kdf if cryptic forced them to play kdf 1st DUH. wheres the logic in ti.

i dont care that feds have around tripple the amount of mission. but as for the ships locking out picking a faction and not making any cstore items for kdf is bloody stupid and anoying.

i hope season 8 will fix this as its surposed to have more kdf stuff. i'll belive it when i see it !.