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Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
the feds have close to 100 ships last time i counted and kdf 60odd how it that fair only thing i want from cryptic is a few missions so players can choose to play kdf without having to lvl a fed.
I hope you are not cooking the books and counting costumes as a ship, its irrelevant if its a Miranda, a Centaur or a ShiKahr, its still the same ship (Light Cruiser) and I also hope that cooking does not extend to Fleet ships.

To me only T5/Fleet Ships matter because a Miranda is a non-entity at end game because nobody is going to fly one of those, there is a lot of junk on both sides like the Mirror ships that just clog up to make statistics, now I am not saying at this point there are not more Federation ships (not costumes) that KDF ships but at the same time I have to ask ... so what? If we are relying the same thing over again with a different ship its not that much of a difference, Feds could have 1000 ships and KDF just 10 and not change a damn thing that is ... we all done it before several times and its not going to be that much different because of a new toy.

At PvP ... thats diferent but PvE? beat it once and its going to be that different anyway.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I agree. The real worry seems to be coming from feds (like on the next page) that worry a complete KDF would ruin thier ability to farm KDF toons for Dil and EC to feed thier fed toons.

I dont farm, have a nice surplus I have no real reason to use anyway and most of my Dilithium comes from Rep projects now as well from STF runs for OMs ... I cannot be arsed to go around farming for a currency I have little use for anyway, there are so many times we can "aid the Defari" until we grow sick of it.

BTW my real money maker was my first character when I was farming STFs pre-Season 7 launch and was hitting the Daily because how aggressive I was at it, also I used to run Kerrat in the good old days of the 30 minute mission because I could just run then until I hit the cap for the day and the next one, EC was a slight different matter but still my first character payed more for things that my Kling did, as farming gone it seem it was 2012 winter event were I farmed with my Kling.

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