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Originally Posted by fovrel View Post
Why can't I give just marks and EC? So the Romulans can buy there own stuff and why do I have to travel to trader X for commodity A and to trader Y for commodity B, what kind of universe is that. It is like buying a shirt in London, a pair of trousers in Berlin and you get your socks in Oslo. Do they think my space ship runs on empty matter?
You can buy nearly all your Rep commodities from the replicator. It costs about 25% more, but for an active endgame "main" character it's pocket change.

If only you could buy consumables from the replicator, too. THAT'S what doesn't make a ton of sense.

It'd make life a lot easier for everyone.
Sadly, that's not the point.

F2P games prize what's called "Daily Participation". It's a critical metric for this type of game, because it maximizes the exposure players have to the most profitable content (i.e. new ships, costumes etc.) while minimizing the feeling of "burnout".

Making things "easier" i.e. very fast would undermine the whole system.

Why? Let's say you spend 30mins to 1h a day in STO. Log in, collect your Rep projects, Duty Officer Assignments, and do the quickest dailies (like the Academy mission, Dilithium mining, etc.). For the average casual player, that's a day well-spent, because every day you come a little bit closer to the next bit of Rep gear or whatever.

Let's say you get bored. Even casuals get bored (Zynga learned this the hard way). But the daily participation, coupled with the fairly regular new content rollouts (Something like 10 new ships in less than 6 months!) tempts you to "spice things up" by splurging on a spiffy new ship to run and re-run ISE and Romulan PUGs on. There's the moneymaker right there.

Even a person who knows exactly what they're doing (like yours truly) is not immune to the call. I just dropped $25 worth of Zen on a new MVAE because I liked the idea of splitting up my "Patrol Escort" and am currently contemplating dropping a little more on the Andorian Escort.

TL;DR: F2P MMOs thrive on making casuals feel like they're not completely wasting the little time they have each day to play games. For me at least, STO has managed that. It's a little bit "dirty" for sure, but so long as it's not entirely egregious (it isn't yet for me), it's good fun.