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02-25-2013, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I just took a look and verified the data.

Transphasic Torpedo Spreads are indeed doing 40% Bleedthrough. Their tooltips, however, have not been updated to reflect the proper internal data.

This will be fixed shortly. It's only a description/text change.
That's good. Does this also apply for Transphasic High Yield?

Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
Multipliers in general favor high values to multiply. Since Quantum torpedoes have modest cooldown combined with high base damage, they are superior weapons when combined with skills.
I think DDIS more means that Quantums are buffed by X%, while Transphasics are buffed by Y%. He is wondering why Transphasics are only being buffed by Y%, instead of X%. Yes, even if they were buffed by X%, they'd still do less damage, but there would be more of a scale to torp damage.
Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.