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02-25-2013, 08:40 PM
@ everyone,

Ty for the kind words and friendly advice regarding my entry folks. Makes me really glad I decided to start doing these a few months ago. Haven't really had much time to read others until today so:


Great work on yours! Shame about Enala, but I guess that's better than being a Borg drone


As usual, excellent work Are you a published author? because if you're not, you really should be.


Very good work! My guess would be that being one of the slavers that captured Kathryn when she was young would be very...unhealthy


Very great entry! It can be difficult to have comedy when involving the Borg, but you pulled it off in spades. Tarayl was especially comical, given that she's a far cry form most other Trill we encounter in Trek.


Interesting use of an assimilated (or at least partially so) Romulan. I'd be willing to bet that he'll have quite an interesting reaction to seeing Mol'Rihan.


Only real issue I saw was a partial BB code for italics that was missing its endpoint Otherwise, great entry.
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