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Originally Posted by voyagerfan9751 View Post
You do realize this isn't technically a "Cruisers" Wallpaper. It is a wallpaper of all ships in starfleets history that have been named "Enterprise".

As for a KDF version, while I am all for a little love for the KDF side, in this case the specific theme doesn't not really led itself to a "KDF version"

Whether it is a weakness of the TV shows being Starfleet centric or not, the KDF does not have an identifiable Ship like the Enterprise. So even having a "Cruiser" wallpaper (d7, Vorcha, Neghvar, Bortas) isn't quite the same.
Yes it does. Battlecruiser Vengeance, and its Captain Koth.

Okay, yes its an in universe joke about Star Trek, but come on, it can work. You can have Koth with his D7, and later his retrofit D7. And there can be Pi'c'ard, with his Vor'cha class ship, etc.

Or slightly more seriously note, looking at Memory Beta, it looks like there is a IKS Bortas (Vengeance) that has shown up in the different series (a D5 in Enterprise and a Vor'cha in TNG, and the current one in STO). So why not? Show us the proud liniage of the IKS Bortas across the ages.

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