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02-25-2013, 08:59 PM
Not to argue the post from the Taco guy - but to me it looks like the screen-shotted toon is experiencing the shadow flicker issue I have been seeing when I have dx11 support enabled.

If I am standing (for example) at the ESD bank and back my camera off a bit, all of the toons around me have this flicker between normal and blackface going on. And its synchronic between all of the visible toon flesh...they all blink black and then normal all at the same time. Flicker constantly.

I have found that turning off shadows seems to somewhat fix the issue. But I found the best thing to do was to go back to dx9. At least then my Defiant doesn't have the black triangle o' bad textures on its underside.

I wonder if the shadow flicker in dx11 mode is linked to that shader compile error message I see when I launch the game when dx11 support is enabled?

And before someone says its my hardware - I play on an PC with an i7 processor, 12gb of ram, with an Nvidia GTX 670 video card. STO isn't that graphically challenging, unless you are playing on some crappy intel integrated vid card on a 7 year old laptop, maybe.