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02-25-2013, 10:19 PM
I don't care about turn rate, the thing can have a few weaknesses. If it were perfect then there is no room for the next ship. Really it makes sense, all weapon systems and platforms have their weaknesses, but tactics and doctrine is what can make a good weapon great and an great weapon elite.

I am advocating a removal of the 3rd tac doff on all escorts because there is no reason for it. Really it seems a bit of an exploit to have all cannons, but till that is fixed then the third tac is silly and wasteful of a BO slot. It was not ever seen in Star Trek that I can recall where a major power's warship of high tier only had energy or kinetic weapons.

Balance will always cripple game play and creativity till this game gets back to Star Trek roots: create viable cripple (not destroy) and science based win scenarios for combat (imagine if a science ship could turn cap points in Cap and Hold much faster than escorts) and break the game into 4 game play modes with separate skill trees/stats and equipment load outs: space pvp, space pve, ground pvp, and ground pve. The problem is balance doesn't work when you want to balance a human opponent (pvp) to a contemporary gaming AI opponent (pve). This seems to be the heart of this ship's balance issue and the heart of the overall game balance issue. PvP and PvE are incompatible in the same skill tree. Ships need a pvp and pve load out, ground perhaps as well.

Until this is done I don't see a way to get optimal balance where both pve and pvp aspects of the game can flourish. Both game play options are great, but they are water and oil.

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