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Either by itself, or added to the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort C-store ship to make it more enticing, why not include the individual MVAE modules as usable T2 or T3 escorts? The individual models for the separated sections are already in the game, and can be fully customizable to boot when you customize the look of your ship, and they already have stat variations built into the MVAM abilities that can be used as the template to differentiate the three. Much like how the Aquarius module of the Tactical Odyssey was turned into its own ship, the MVAE sections could get the same treatment, though as lower tier ships to keep them from upstaging the Advanced Escort variants. The pack would of course be an account-wide unlock, so that lower level tactical alts could make use of it, which is why including it into the already-existing MVAE C-store item would be a cool bonus.