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# 1 Fed need a better carrier
02-25-2013, 09:47 PM
Now that I finally bump my sci Klingon build to Lv 40, there's only one thing I can say: I LOVE carriers. Nothing like debuff/buff like mad so that the 4 Bird-of-prey swoop in and make PvE missions like cakewalk, especially when comparing the federation equivalent.

That being said, I am just wondering whether there are actually real equivalent of the Vo'quv on the feddie side. Here's the issue:

1) Vo'quv is free. Atrox is NOT free
2) Vo'quv can carry frigates. Given 2 minutes prep time and you have a squad of Bird-of-prey. Atrox at most have Delta Flyers, which as far I can tell from the wiki does not compare to the B'rel.
3) Vo'quv just have better stats. Also have a fleet version.
4) Vo'quv have some customization in model looks... but Atrox does not.

The only thing I can think that makes it balance is that Federation have other options, such as better escort carrier selections, MVAE, and that Andronian OP ships... but none of them are really pet-oriented.

Considering that carrier probably suck at PvP (haven't try it), I am wondering: is there any point to get a carrier on federation side? Or should I just restrict carrier play on KDF?