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02-25-2013, 10:04 PM
After a few hours of combat training tal returns to his quarters. They are empty by human terms but he has all he needs. As his mood relaxes his armor goes from black and gold to a light red and dark blue. He sits in the center of the room. And relaxes. The last few shedai are here in this fleet. The quadrant never really knew when the Diadact made his move there where only a few thousand shedai all together. And now they all where here. Getting ready to defend the earth.

While humanoids have need for holodecks tal can do it through his own mind. As he let's his mind go back. To eons ago. When the galaxy had been at peace. He had grown up on there homeworld. He had been born into a high ranking family of much power and wealth. But it was also a time a change for there people as well. And then the war started. He goes through the war again in his mind. At first things had gone badly and then one man had led a daring defense of a world. He later would lead all there forces. The Diadact. He against his parents wishes had joined in the battle. Serving at the diadacts side and learning all there was to learn of war. And after that the galaxy rose up against them and the shedai had been forced to leave. He remembers there homeworld burning his home destroyed. And the Diadact saving him. Putting him and a select few on stasis awaiting his return to power.

Getting up tal looks out the viewport. Wsiting again is all he can do now.