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02-25-2013, 10:22 PM
For reference:

Using a common Regenerative Shield Array Mk X, with 96 shield power:
Base: 25.90% shield resist vs. phasers
With wing cannon tachyon burst debuff: 7.37%
With wing cannon + one wing cannon platform: 2.74%
With wing cannon + two wing cannon platforms: -2.12%

With EPtS1 on, base resist was 44.56%, which was lowered to 20.43% with all 3 debuffs applied.

In other news, this is going to be scary, especially when used preceding an alpha or while the target is focused. Shield tanking will be much, much harder for the 15s that this debuff is active.

(Similar things might occur with the elite fleet disruptor proc, but that's for a different thread.)