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Through some ... unusual Foundry awkwardness I've found the ability to make some very ... unusual outfits.

Here's the thing. Most of this is broken. Then names of options are there but they're not all unlocked, they're not all tagged, they're not viable.

But whether it works is beside the point.

Why can't we make green cat people with shaved bodies or furred bodies or Pink Andorians wearing Klingon armor? Isn't that what the Foundry is all about? Being able to bring whatever we can imagine for our stories to life?

Why isn't this the #1 thing being worked on right now? Sure assets are important, but what's more critical than your villain, a Romulan who has joined the Jem Hadar so she's wearing their armor?

Or your hero? A Rigelian who was vacationing on Risa so she's wearing the Orion bikini top?

Is this not the stuff that makes the Foundry go round?
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