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Originally Posted by addsin15 View Post
I've just returned from a long time away. Gonna spend 2500 on a new ship after selling my dilithium.

What's the bottom line on the atrox? I'm a Science Officer who usually flies a cruiser.
Atrox is more like a full on Sci ship with double hangars for support. It does fairly decent, you can set it up to be a mean tank while wittling something down. The only problem is since all the E-STFs are pretty much DPS races and you won't really see your best damage until you get a pair of elite scorpion fighters from tier 5 rommie rep. All in all Atrox is a nice ship, I liked using it.

If you're used to flying cruisers, and want a cruiser feel with pets accompanying you, you might like the Vesta. I bought the armitage for my GF before, she didn't fly it for very long. Maybe because the design is so.. so... so... blegh.

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