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Originally Posted by addsin15 View Post
I've just returned from a long time away. Gonna spend 2500 on a new ship after selling my dilithium.

What's the bottom line on the atrox? I'm a Science Officer who usually flies a cruiser.
It's inferior to the KDF carriers, but it's serviceable in its own right (and it's not like you have a choice, lobi ships notwithstanding). It's a good pure science-and-support ship, though you won't see as much damage out of it until you get some bitchin' pets.

Like most of the carriers it has some issues with its lack of maneuverability and the forward-arc emphasis on the best DPS sci powers, but that can be compensated for. I myself prefer a park-and-spray approach while relying on pets for damage and control.

The native pets (Stalkers) are not especially good, but they're pretty, and the catboat is practically invisible in sector space (for better or worse).