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02-25-2013, 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
You don't read signatures very well, do you?
lol Classic.

Thanks for including us in the early talks Bort.

If you can create the tech to do this though really consider somehow wrapping in the real issues of passives and doff effects and the low level ship included consoles.

I know turning those effects off could be a massive PR nightmare at this point... taking things away isn't really a favorite option I know.

However perhaps it isn't a full disable... if you have the control to tune each one only in PvP... perhaps we don't have to suffer 30s gravity pulses... perhaps things like leach can go back to being OP vs the borg, but remain as weak against Players.

The idea behind the Tech is fine... most of us have likely called ideas like this one cope outs before... and depending on the implementation perhaps it is. However I understand we are likely never going to get a sweeping set of changes that will really effect PvE as well anymore. So perhaps some fine tuning on some of the more heavily unbalanced items and effects for PvP can work.

No matter which way you go... thanks for asking.
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