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02-25-2013, 11:09 PM
Originally Posted by pompouluss View Post
You are not following. Here is what the Cryptic guy said, I have no idea how accurate it is:

The original devs had, apparently, 6 years. They blew 4 on screwing around and drawing pictures like the ones being discussed.

When Cryptic was brought in there were only two years left. The cycle was not quick, it was in fact an extremely generous development cycle that was mostly squandered by the original developers. If I had to guess the mentality behind Cryptic's 'short cycle', it is that every year you pay developers to make a game costs obscene amounts of money. The people funding STO were already burned by the first team and quite possibly not willing to dole out yet more money in hopes that the second team would actually do their jobs. So they said "We got the money for a two year cycle, take it or leave it" and Cryptic took it.
I followed perfectly, thank you, and you gave the answer I expected, though it would be nice to hear it from Cryptic. Ultimately, Cryptic chose to work under nearly impossible time constraints--it wasn't an imposition, but a term of Cryptic's attachment to the project.

Two years is painfully short for an MMO. Especially one that wants to be a AAA title. Then again, SWTOR had significantly longer, far more developers, and a much larger budget and didn't manage to accomplish much. I guess given the circumstances, Cryptic did well.

But it's all relative. I think Cryptic is/was capable of delivering a fantastic experience, but they've been hamstrung by the game's early release; they've spent so much time, effort, and money playing catch up and haven't really had an opportunity to stretch their wings until recently. I really believe we're just now starting to get a taste of what they're capable of as a studio.