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They have that already. It's not the same thing. Shutting down the enemy drives means knocking out the engine subsystem. [Aux] impulse engines are useful specifically because they allow for maneuvering when that power is drained or the subsystem is disabled. The tractor beam is an active attempt on the part of the operator to keep the ship in one place despite the ship fighting it. It involves pushing, pulling, monitoring power carefully and leaving the ship dead in space so allied ships can take advantage of its complete inability to maneuver or turn. It's acting much, much more dynamically than simply pulling an enemy ship closer or pushing it away.
You are not talking about the way the power actually works in the game. Test it out: Use a ship build that has both Tractor beam and Gravity Well. Put a gravity well on a ship that is moving towards you, wait a second, then use the tractor beam on it. The target will fall back into the Gravity well (away from you) becuase the "tractor beam" actually just took out its drives, and then the Gravity Well works as normal.

The mechanics of the "Tractor Beam" Power are not a tractor beam of the type you describe, of the type you conclude from the fluff text. That is my point, and that is why it should be renamed, to avoid misconceptions, make people read closer and observe more precisely what the power does, and to make way for an actual tractor beam.
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