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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
depends on your playstyle. PVE or PVP?
I'm focused entirely on PvE at the moment. I don't know if or when I'll dabble with PvP in this game, though I've certainly enjoyed it in other games (TBH, I may just re-install SWTOR and remake my level 49 godmode Juggernaut for some relaxing PvP fun, but that decision reflects in no way on this game).

OGA looks attractive, but that proc rate is so low, and my escort's DPS so high already, that the average damage increase from OGA would be hardly noticeable. That proc rate is so low that I don't even think it would be relevant to burst DPS, either. I'm thinking I may go with the shield regen, because if the tooltips can be trusted it would more than double my shield regen rate; given the alternative, this appears to be a decent gain with a low opportunity cost.

My bigger question, and really the reason I made this thread, was regarding the New Romulus T4 passive abilities. Neither seems terribly attractive. The current front runner is the placate, but I'm really not sold on it. The shield heal looks strong, but that's without discounting for two RNG rolls.

Are there any hidden features of these abilities I should be aware of? I know there was some confusion about the placate having an internal cooldown that's not listed on the tooltip, or if it triggers some sort of placate immunity buff on its target. Also, I know there are alot of hidden details in this game, and I assume these are no exception.

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