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02-25-2013, 11:42 PM
Ditch the SIF generator and put in a Monotanium. Also move your Borg module to your Science slots. Replace it with either a 3rd Neutronium or 2nd Monotanium. Remove your field generator. If you have enough shield heals, it's a waste of space. Also I would consider removing your Emitter Array and replacing it with a Zero Point Energy Conduit.

Also... you have only one copy of TT. You have 20 seconds of no protection. My Imperial would smash you in that time. My suggestion: drop a DCE and put in two Purple Conn officers to drop your TT cooldown time so you only need to cycle one. Also switch out your APB2 to an APO1, since APB is removed by TT. APO1 will give you boosted damage, boosted defence, and immunity to holds and snares.

Next I would seriously consider using this BOff layout for Engi:
Cmdr Engi: ET1, EPtW2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3 (you can get it off a purple engi BOff on the exchange usually around 20-40k ECs)
Lt Engi: EPtS1, RSP1
Ensign Engi: EPtW1

Your science BOff is fine. And I know you won't listen, but seriously, stop using tetryon. The proc just isn't that useful atm.
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