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02-25-2013, 11:45 PM
Atrox is one tough ship. Seriously.

If you work on your romulan rep and get the elite scorp hanger pets, you can boost your damage considerably with those right there.

Yuo can build this ship like a regular sci ship, however I'd recommend a balanced build with alot of self surv/sustainability and CC . Its not meant to turn on a time, although you can powerslide with it with practice.

With decent equipment, I managed to use this in a Elite khitomer accord stf. I ended up PARK tanking 2. Yes, 2 elite cubes while burning down probes that gate spawned.

For a carrier, it isn't bad. Technically recluse and jemmy dread are better carriers, but they're a pain in the rear end to get. I flew the Atrox since forever as an engineer captain. I honestly loved this ship.