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02-25-2013, 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by akpa View Post
when can we see more competitive gameplay and less role-play? i see the updates only bring new ships, new costumes, new lore to explore and that's good and really awesome, but i'm bored to farm dilithium every day doing stfs and foundry missions (wich are cool, but not competitive).
I think we need more instances like starbase 24; more leaderboards like the one in the fleet, but for other things; good rewards from pvp.
I hoppe we can see more competivity in season 8, if not i think i'll go for another mmo
Im sorry but less role-play? Almost none of the things you mentioned involve role-play... except for possibly new costumes...

The the missions are story driven. Those are awesome. The new ships are just better tools for your competitive game play and for the story driven content.

I want more Story, and more role-play. Competitive play in MMOs is always unbalanced and is never fun.