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02-26-2013, 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by shadowfang240 View Post
pretty sure he's one of the PR guys, nothing more, and so has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything data-related to the game, otherwise he'd be the one posting the release notes
No, he's in charge of tuninb abilities, creating new ones, he can tune NPCs too, and he's in charge of the doff system. He can also step in the starbase system occasionally. And he has a word to say in ships stats.

TBH I don't know if he's the one thinking that if it's not OP it won't be bought, but at least amajority of the devs must think so, and he can't really tellus what he thinks, but he's also definitely a part of what's happening in pvp too.

The latest tribble patch notes proves two things:
- Cryptic doesn't care really much about pvp balance when it comes to ship sales.
- Some devs have really poor anticipation abilities. How can someone expect that a DPS console on an escort ship won't break everything? How can they expect players not to complain to get uber OP dps consoles?

It can look a bit off topic but it's not. Powers are completely out of control, in pvp and even in pve (which currently really looks pathetic). You can stack amazing resistances and have insane spike damage abilities. This needs to have a hard limit, both for resists (to sci stuff, to damage) and dps at the same time, otherwise, pvp makes no sense because it's a spike damage + snb war. And a placate war too these days.

I can't count the number of angry tells i've been getting using all of the dirty tricks the game has. And I know it can be frustrating when you have someone flying a supposedly fragile ship tanking a pair of escorts working in tandem. And to get almost instantly smoked by someone when you're not expecting anything (esp. in kerrat ). This is a bit too extreme in both cases.