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02-26-2013, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by purplegamer View Post
I would have preferred a slow and steady development cycle as opposed to the 2-year rush job we got from Cryptic. The unfortunate side-effect of Cryptic's fast turnaround is that the team had to play catch-up for most of the game's 3-year life thus far. We're just now getting to see the game expand.
You realize of course Cryptic had no choice in the fast turnaround and inherited Perpetual's release deadline, right? CBS felt burned by Perpetual (with good reason), and only sold the license on the condition that the buyer retain the deadline. Cryptic did pretty good considering that Perpetual had basically nothing to show for their years spent on the project and had to essentially start from scratch.

Cryptic has done many things I disagree with, but this really wasn't something they have control of, and did the best they could with. You may think "maybe they shouldn't have done it at all". Well, perhaps, but then there definitely would not have been an STO.


Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
We had a "rush job" because we were held to Perpetual's original release date. What you see above is really all they had (after 4 years). They had a ton of pretty drawings, and not much else. If they had actually started developing the GAME of STO when we took over, they would have had the same amount of time to complete it as we did.
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