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02-26-2013, 03:37 AM
As a crucial alternative or addition to your proposal, Borticus, a two league system should be considered.

For really serious end-game PvP, several special Zen store consoles would be must-haves (e.g., the Andorian +25% dmg to shields debuff etc.). This would be Pay2Win.
Instead of tackling the lengthy task of re-scaling/re-evaluating all of these consoles or simply disabling them in general, there should be one league allowing, and one league not allowing special consoles.
My guess would be that, initially, the special console league would seem the more prestigious one, but in time, the "normal" league would become the more serious one, lacking any "I win buttons". But anyhow, players would still be able to decide and there would be no outcry due to simply disabling expensive consoles...
Of course the Pay2Win league would need slightly higher rewards than the normal league, as Cryptic wants to create an incentive for players to actually buy Zen store ships and their special consoles. However, such a system still seems like the best compromise to me.
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