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02-26-2013, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
"This is your top Z Store ship and it still is being slaughtered by any half competent Bug pilot"
I agree with your statement but I think it is normal to be so.
A kumari costs 5k zen ~ 70 mil EC and a jhas costs ~ 400 mil Ec
(I don't have either do I have no bias to either side)

Kumari it so good that some of my kdf friends want to buy the kumari and one wants to switch side to fed because kdf is forgotten in his opinion and he want to fly such a great escort.It saddens me but I do understand them all and I asked them to use their new ship only in FvF.
(They will remain my friends even if they will be flying kumari and even if they will kill me on arena)

"and in fact the Fleet Patrol is a better all round ship." Dont agree with that , I usually kill a fleet patrol with my mu raptor 7 from 10 fights.On the other hand I can kill kumari only by sheer chance. Maybe 1-3 kills from 10 encounters.
That is before the new patch so I guess after the patch comes live it will be worse to anybody who doesn't fly a jhas.
Kumari will hit harder and faster .It will have more spike damage than before => more instant kills

For me personally this tribble patch notes are sad news
Firstly I am coming at this from a Fed player, you know the vast majority of the player base that keeps this game afloat. KDF are a minority, it was originally a PvP only faction and was never meant to be more, it's only through the intense whinning and QQing of this vocal minority that you have got what you have got. However I do think that if Cryptic state that the KDF is to be a full faction then they should have honoured their word.

I have all the above mentioned ships, what you don't understand because you do not fly either and therefore are hardly qualified to comment, is that what makes the bug so OP is one thing above all others, that is it's turn rate. When you add in the shield mods and the hull with pretty good inate healing and a nice BOFF layout with 5 tac consoles then you can see that the Andorian ship is going to be struggling, especially the tac version.

The EC price is totally irrelevant, the Bug ship was a free ship initially from the winter event 2011. Yes you were extremely lucky if you won it but nonetheless it was free. The current price represents it's rareity not necessarily it's value. When the bug ship is placed back into lock boxes or DOFF boxes it's price will fall to about 150 million, I know because I bought one of my two bugs for 154 million and the other for 220 million.

The point is that the Andorian ship consoles as they stand now before the patch are effectively useless, most people slot them in the same place, the inventory slot. Therefore the synergy between the consoles is lost and there is nothing at all special about the ship except that it has moved one of it's weapons to the front.

Your final point about killing fleet patrols being easy is moot. They are easy to get, they are free or at worst a Fleet version and are flown by a disproportionatly large amount of the fed escort player base with the resultant wide variety in skill types. It is highly likely therefore that you will find many that you can kill, far more than in an Andorian ship or a bug. I guarantee you that i know several players that will eat you for breakfast in a fleet patrol.


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