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02-26-2013, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by uvirith1 View Post
Qucik question. The benefits, do they vanish when subscription ends? what about the characters?
If you sub, you get an extra character - which you must have made a character with or you will lose that slot iirc - all the other benefits like the expanded inventory, bridge officer slots, account bank ect which will stay with you when you drop back to silver (the only thing that goes will be the EC cap which you can buy with the 500zen for that months sub.

Most people sub for 1 month, level up thier characters so they get the respec tokens - very valuable - as well as the full inventory/bank slots and then drop back to silver with no real change.

Its important that you level up to 50 - which is very easy to do - to get the maximum benefits as you get bank slots per rank up ect