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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
This isn't a TV show, this is a computer game.
And if you look at the histoy of Star Trek computer games, you'll find several that didn't even struggle when it came to providing a well-rounded pool of ships or storytelling beyond the Federation.
In fact there are even some that don't actually focus on the Federation at all.
And most of those were restricted in terms of the canon material they were allowed to use.
"Klingon Academy" was restricted to the Original Series and the first 6 movies.
"Star Trek: Klingon" was entirly restricted to the TNG and DS9 material for legal reasons.
Yet they provided compelling and immersive story.
They were also restricted to either space (Klingon Academy) or ground (Klingon Honor Guard), this game can easily do both.
So that the shows or movies were mostly about the Federation is nothing more than an incredibly lame and transparent excuse when it comes to this game.
TOS: Kirk, and crew. StarFleet. Including theatrical releases.

TNG: Picard, and crew. StarFleet. Also including movies.

DS9: Sisko, and crew. StarFleet.

STV: Janeway, and crew. StarFleet.

STE: Archer, and crew. StarFleet.

Doesn't seem to be any focus on either empire, or it's captains, except as supporting roles/characters. It's Star Trek, after all. Not Glory of the Klingon Empire, or Sins of the Romulan Star Empire. Just sayin' ...

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