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02-26-2013, 04:20 AM
Erm, whats the problem if a half-finished faction? The first 50 levels don't matter. I wish I started at 20 and could doff at 22 then rush into the end with just that. The missions themselves have variable quality, if anything, asking Cryptic to make more missions is to give them more chances to fail...

(Granted I'd have to admit they make KDF missions better because they're good at pewpew...)

Ship variety is pointless when half of them are just shiny trinkets, and only the 6 endgame escorts actually matter.

As for advantages the KDF have... Faster leveling is one. Cloaking is pointless in this game so I'll leave that argument out. BoPs... well YMMV, I both love and hate them. But you've got way better hybrid ships and now we know that the elite fleet disruptors have the better proc.

I think KDF is good as they are. Just allow players to start as a KDF toon, have them level immediately to 21 the moment they finish the tour around Qoonos and I'd say the KDF are good.
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