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Originally Posted by zarxidejacko View Post

Romulans will need
All romulan ships from curret game and...
1000 day veteran ship
3 Temporal ships from lockbox
2 year anniversary ship (Bort\Ody equivalent)
3 year anniversary ship ( T3 )
Captain's Yacht type shuttle reward

Libirated borg
Caitian\Ferasan Z-Store equivalent (maybe non cat race)
Uniform for all of them.

Fleet system
Fully functional starbase with all T1-T5 construction models.
Embassy ( this is universal so no problem)
Both will take about year for fresh started fleets to complete full T5 if faction released in May

Doff system
Faction based assigments, remeber kdf and fed have many different from each other themed missions.

Capital city\starbase.

Romulan Academy like zone.

All FE dialogs rewrite.

If faction will start even from lvl 30-40:
Faction specific missions. Loads of them, and i am talking about copy\paste ones not even about rsomething really new, imagine work with all those texts, contact npcs etc...

It will be slaughter first months at level 50 without damage done\recieved accolades, fleet ships\gear\weapons, stf rep gear, funky consoles. Looks pretty onesided for me and Romies not on winning side.

I think i forgot something but question is...Do you really think Cryptic can do it even for end of May while adding more things for fed\kdf(lol) those 3 months ? All i can imagine for may is faction divied for KDF and FED sides.

But if Cryptic can pull out Real faction it will be miracle like event!
Yup, and given such a list I wonder why anyone could even believe that Cryptic can create a 3rd half-faction, by May, if at all.
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