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02-26-2013, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
I really could careless for the FE being updated for a Romulan faction, when the FE are meant for FEDs.

I speak for myself when i say I want a Romulan faction I spent 2 years in this game happy before starbeses, I just want the faction the vet ship I could careless I want a Warbird lock box ships don't care I want a warbird. Doffs I don't think would be hard

That leaves STFs well....Let the Federation, and Klingons fight the Borg and then when they are exhausted I will wipe them out with my Warbird.
This is exactly the mentality that has led to the Klingons being left entirely unfinished and why the Romulans will arrive in a similar state.