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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Build for Kirking, not support btw. Its a little changed from my regular fleet heavy, which is more tanky. If I didnt hate the excelsior skin so much, I would fly it.

2x Beam array, 2x Photon (or even 4x beam as engineer you should get 8 beams working)
4x beam Array

Borg engines, Borg deflector, Maco shield

Tactical Team I, Fire at Will II, Attack pattern Omega I

EptS I, A2B 1, DEM 2, RSP 3
EpTA I, A2B 1,
EptE I (for optional speed bursts and maneuvers)


Neutrinum, 2x SIF, (whatever you want to use here)
2x Embassy shield emmiters with healing
4x energy type dmg consoles

All human boffs
3x Purple technician A2B doffs
2x healing maintanance doffs, those that procs on EpTA (blues are enough)

Enjoy. Main strenght is of course the A2B, heavy shield tank with insane natural hull regen (thanks to SIF stackin) that takes care of all bleedthrough. The 20s RSP is just to piss your enemy. I hate to use it, but the WTF whispers are just too fun.
i really fail to see why the 2 sif console are so only use 1 HE2 and with a low aux power probably.
i mean it's a pretty standard aux2batt build...what the 2 SIF consoles do for it is beyond me. those doffs you mentioned do something else
Damage Control Engineer (Space): Chance for Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field to proc a hull Heal Over Time.
from here

you don't use use AUX2batt

in your build the EPtE1 would be better replaced with an ET1 anyway. thats not even my opinion that is mandatory...a heal (not based on aux) and subsystem repair option.
I would also use a borg shield for the full set bonus and loose the TB1 for a science team maybe (something that is not depending on AUX)

better put in the assimilated console and the zero point and some other universal console...subspace jump for instance or the one from the lobi store with the 22% turnrate buff and dmg buff
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