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02-26-2013, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by magniacapra View Post
Given that a single aux2bat FAW cruiser can render pets useless I somewhat feel that this is just some pug whining at being bad.
My thoughts too. I honestly wouldn't care at all if the KDF got their own version of a Danube pet. I've always thought they were largely ignorable anyway. I do as much FvF as I do KvF and I can't understand it at all. My guess is most of these players don't understand how Siphon is even working and then get all emo about it and retaliate.

Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Both pets are problematic, though the siphon drones are worse by no small margin.

That being said, I can't respect anyone who says something like "Don't nerf my broken cheese unless their broken cheese is also nerfed!" These kinds of players obviously care nothing about balance, and only serve their own self-centered agenda. Broken and grossly overpowered elements needs to be fixed, no matter what faction or play-style it belongs to. Grow up.