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02-26-2013, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by skydawnknight View Post
Hmm... ok. I wonder if it's the mobs themselves? I've never used melee mobs behind walls before.

How about instead of putting multiple walls up to block the mastiffs, you still put a wall up for them but also put a full wall up around the player at the same time?
Did that to. Makes the bug more likely to occur

Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Is it the mastiffs that are jumping through to attack the player? If so, try changing the ensigns to be another faction besides Fed. I think what may be happening is the mastiffs are getting in combat with Fed faction and then identifying the player as being part of the faction they're fighting.

Even if I'm wrong this should fix the problem: set mastiffs to be a neutral group type. Despite the name this sort of group is neutral only to Fed/Klink factions. Set the ensign group to be any faction besides Fed/Klink and the mastiffs will attack them while being totally neutral to the player. In edition you can set the ensigns to Timid to make them even less likely to attack the player (the mastiffs should initiate combat with them).

In this way even it they jump through they should not attack the player.
I already set the ensign to timid. I was trying to make a summary execution, but no matter what I do, the ensign start shooting. I suppose they nerfed "timid" creature because of all the grind foundry mission there is.
I'll try the neutral mastiff. However, the ensigns are "allies" to the player.