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02-26-2013, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I just took a look and verified the data.

Transphasic Torpedo Spreads are indeed doing 40% Bleedthrough. Their tooltips, however, have not been updated to reflect the proper internal data.

This will be fixed shortly. It's only a description/text change.

Any chance of transphasics being given a heavy torpedo version of itself?

High Yield -> Heavy Torp.

Heavy torp= 80% penetration with some damage buff. This heavy torp is as fast as a regular transphasic torp.

This would make the 'phasics rather unique and quite functional.

Finally, could you please clarify a mechanic concerning bleedthrough?

If a 'phasic torp does 10k dmg and hits a shield..

40% of that damage bleeds through. So 4000.

That 4k damage.. is it then mitigated by armor kinetic resists or is it applied to hull directly, bypassing kinetic resists?

I ask because I find that my sci-capt bird of prey stacking atkbeta3 and sensor scan and disruptor proc does not seem to be doing a visibly higher amount of damage than without said debuffs. Vs. players who for certain have at least 50% kinetic resist.