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02-26-2013, 06:04 AM
The problem is not only technical shuttle bugs but also a general lack of incentive for playing the Vault Shuttle Event. Considering its "relatively" high difficulty, the reward of merely 15 Romulan Marks is much too low.
Furthermore, failing in the first, second or third room will cause the entire mission to fail without ANY rewards. The only other situation where you can fail a Romulan mission is the first phase of Vault: Ensnared, however its difficulty is in no way comparable to that of the shuttle event.
I therefore propose to reward at least 10 Romulan Marks immediately after finishing each room, totaling 30 marks.

I've already posted that before:

OR: Take the Romulan missions and give them a STF-like mini-overhaul in terms of splitting them into a normal version (slightly easier than now) and an elite version (harder than now).
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