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02-26-2013, 06:07 AM
it is good, no it's fantastic, that you, cryptic, tries to improve pvp.
but to be honest and without offending any other people, especially people having "problems" in pvp, don't listen to the majority of player.

i am really tired of reading comments like "cruisers need more damage + healing + turn rate + replicators + whatever".
there are some cruiser ingame, which can't be cracked by one or two escorts, even with one snb. on the other hand, there are cruisers with full health, which can be destroyed by an escort with one dhc volley and one overload

like naz already told, experienced pvp teams (knowing mechanics, good teamplay, decent build and setup, ...), can need several hours for one match.
my fleet had some weeks ago a league fight (no fleet shields allowed). the match ended after 45minutes and we "won" 5:3 (or something like this). nearly all kills were extremely high beam overload critshots (40k and more). without the timelimit it would have taken for sure at least 2 hours.

taking "top pvp teams" as scale, damage of _all_ ships should be increased or healing should be decreased. but the changes (only a few percentage points) should be done in several small steps.
and these changes won't help not so professional pvp player. a good pvp player in a desastrous pug v. another desastrous pug match will still decide the match. professional pvp player (with or without teamspeak, assist train and so on) will still roflstomp a "classic" pug team.
it is not the fault of the game mechanic nor of an experienced player, when some people don't try to improve their whole game play.

the best thing which can be done at this time by cryptic, are such projects like the pvp boot camp. there are a lot of people in pvp, doing meanwhile a much better job.

*throws 2 cents in the hat*