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That can be very difficult to determine because you need to know *exactly* how the game works to know all the dirty tricks and how they can be stacked together for great effect.

When Diogene or any other experienced PvPer goes into a PUG, they dominate, and the PUG largely will have no clue how, nor will they learn much of anything. Then they get super frustrated and say "&#$^ this game's PvP".
see, the thing is, those same experienced PvPers will be more than happy to explain in great detail exactly how they turned your ship into an expanding cloud of superheated plasma and potential ways to counter it, plus giving you general build advice to make your ship more effective, if you but ask them...something more people should be encouraged to do, instead of throwing a tantrum like a two year-old just because they get blown up once

if you PvP, you're going to get blown up; that's a fact of this game, but you don't have to keep blowing up if you're willing to ask for help
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