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02-26-2013, 06:38 AM
Originally Posted by thejosephine View Post
He means your connection to the internet, and as such to the server. Here is a guide that Cryptic gave to diagnose problems.

However, the response to check your connection is the general piss-off response given by those who the game is working for and Cryptic itself. While there are some cases of legitimate connection problems, many people, myself included, have been fighting this issue for a while. I get the "good" results from all of the tests to the server and still get disconnected nearly every map transfer. I have even changed computers and internet providers and still the issue occurs (though not specifically to play this game).

I also used to be able to alt-tab or play in separate windows, but any time I switch out of STO, boom, disconnected. I can now only play if I use the U.S. proxy in the options and then only if I don't try to do more than just have the game loaded. Not using the proxy and it will disconnect just sitting in sector space talking on chat.
My internet is connected and works fine when I play the game.

Originally Posted by brish01 View Post
lets see, clearing your DNS ( type comand in the seherach box) and then ipconfig /flushdns. *check.

Ping test, 54 ms ( a bit higher then normal)

3 min disconcets, a bit over the top.

Next step to to run on a proxy.

If that dont work, well there are other mmos I can throw my cash at.

Can any of you explain this in english?