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So I've been playing casually for almost a month, and have nearly reached level 40. I'm about to claim my last free ship, and am trying to decide what I want to fly in the endgame.
I played the Temporal Ambassador mission during the 3 year celebration, and got the support cruiser; I played it for a couple missions, but didn't really like it (except for the appearance). I'll be able to use the retrofit soon, but I'm not sure if I want to--is this bind on pickup, or can I try to sell it on the exchange? (I figure it may not sell, as it was a free item and most people probably have it anyway...)

Also, I've been trying to find an answer to this but haven't had much luck: how good are the Captain level ships for endgame play? I've got the tactical escort and am thinking about buying the Long Range Science Vessel retrofit--but I could save the cash and just buy the Captain tier ship if it's good enough for the endgame.

Finally, what would people recommend for the last free ship? I like the science vessels, but they're ugly at this level. I'm leaning toward the Sovereign...