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02-26-2013, 07:11 AM
I haven't read this whole thread into details.

But is this idea ever suggested?

The kinetic weapons, torpedo's and mines, deal only 25% of its damage to shields. This because they are, as the word says, kinetic weapons.

However, energy weapons deal 100% of their damage to shields AND hull (I think this is strange, since the hull can also absorps heat etc from beam weapons.). You can make the energy weapons the oposite of kinetic weapons, so that they would do less than 100% of their dameg to hull, like only 50%. That way escorts would need also torpedo's, which is kind of canon and the DPS of energy weapons can be increased a bit.

Then to get rid of the OP spike damage, you can think of implementing a few seconds "no fire cooldown"after a rapid fire volley, or increase the power drain from rapid fire.