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Just because there hasn't been any movies or television series focused on Klingons, Cardassians, or Romulans doesn't mean that none of these groups have a fanbase. Also if they were to do a movie or TV series based on these factions they would be just as entertaining as those focused on Starfleet, maybe more so. For every guy who wants to play Batman there's a guy who wants to play as the Joker.
And some want to play as the Riddler. Point is, however, that Batman, is the star of the franchise. The majority of people go to a Batman movie, to see Batman, beat up the Joker. Take Star Wars for instance. People want to be Jedis, Sith, Bounty hunters, or Smugglers. Stormtroopers are kind of a niche market. Not as big a sell, see what I'm sayin' ? Star Trek is the same way, which is why the focus on content, is geared toward StarFleet. Let's face it, Cryptic has a hard enough time with Fed content, which is what the majority playerbase is made up of, that if they had to keep up with content for two other factions, theoretically, they'd have to triple the size of the company.

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