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02-26-2013, 07:25 AM
First off, the free lvl 40 ships are generally viable, the captain-level ships less so. Or, well, in terms of boff layout you miss out on a lt cmdr slot, so that's not too bad, but you're really looking at a hull handicap. You'll be very squishy, and short one console.

The Ambassador/Support Cruiser Retro is bound to character, so you might as well try it. I find it quite adequate, as cruisers go.

But, for the Federation at least: it doesn't really matter anymore what ship you pick, as you can get all six of them from the exchange, in mirror versions. They're cheap, so you can just pick a different one if you feel the need.

The Assault Cruiser isn't bad btw, in terms of boff layout. Also: while the standard designs for the RSV aren't overly pretty, you can mix and match to create quite a sleek and elegant RSV model. I've got mine built up using the following parts:
Saucer: Luna
Hull: Sol
Nacelles: Sol
Pylons: Polaris
And no mission pod.

Haven't got a screenshot around here somewhere, but it looks very nice.