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PvP is said to be in a bad state. In my opinion, this is mainly due to unbalanced games in the queues, which makes the PvP experience for the average new "try it out" player highly random. Solve that problem one way or another, and PvP will be more frequented.

So, let us collect ideas how to achieve this. How can we get more balanced games in the queues? What changes to the game would lead to this?

Edit: Ideas found until now:
  • Have seperate Queues for premade teams and random pick up groups.
  • Score each player for various stats like damage dealt, damage healed, movement impaired, buffs stripped, etc. as an average over a certain amount of past matches, and queue players up vs one another who are roughly of the same level.
  • Assign point values to various levels of gear, and have people queue up vs people of similar gear level.
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