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02-26-2013, 07:30 AM
The T5 ambassador is bound, you can't sell it.

T3 (captain Level) ships can "work" at end game stuff, if you are a good player, but it's generally considered a **** move to bring them into ESTFs and other group content. If you really like their models and layouts, the better way is to join a fleet and get the T5+ fleet versions of them. (~20-25 million EC or 2000 zen, sounds like a lot, but if you know the game systems and play daily it's not hard to farm that up in the current environment within two or three weeks).

The free level 40 ships all work for endgame. Science ships are week in general unfortunately at the current balancing, so you might want to consider the other two ship types. Escorts are easier to be good with than cruisers, but if you enjoy cruisers more then stick with them.