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02-26-2013, 08:32 AM
first of all you cannot sell your ambassador, and you shouldn't. It is a well balanced ship design (stat wise). IMHO better than any free cruiser available.

for PVE i would go for an escort, fastest and easiest way to grind for gear be it normal stfs or missions you havent done up to now.
you can allways go to the exchange and buy a mirror version of some ships, which is cheap actually. some go for less than 100k EC even.

Anyway, the captain tier ships are to a certain extend viable for PVE content at VA level, but i see no real reason to use one when there is the cheap option of T5 mirror ships and later on the fleet ships.

to further answer your post, infos on your career etc...would help.
get familiar with this page and google some builds for the ship you decide upon.

for beginners i wouldn't recommand sci ships at all. on a difficulty scale they would be the most difficult to build and use effetively. Escorts on the other hand are pretty straight forward and easy to build and handle, so are most cruisers, but killing stuff takes longer, thus prolonging singleplayer missions.
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