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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
So you're saying that people who don't want to partake should just miss out on new equipment?
Actually, why not? When you think about it, playing a specific section of the game is just as optional as getting a specific piece of gear. You don't absolutely have to get every new piece of equipment, just like you don't have to get every set, nor do you have to get every ship.

If you're a collector, well then, that's the price you have to pay to collect.

Let me put it this way. If someone doesn't want to do an STF/Romulan content, he/she will miss out on the gear from that rep track. In the same way, if he/she does not want to PvP, he/she will not get the gear from that track. It's just common sense.

I'm sorry, but to me this seems broken. For players to target non-escorts right from the start shows that it's recognised that they're weak. For me to gravitate to killing non-escorts in the span of a few kills means that I recognised that they were weak.

From my limited experience, combined with the vast number of threads I've read about PvP being (primarily) the domain of the escort shows that it's broken.

If you make a PvP reputation players with escorts will max it out very speedily whereas people who don't fly escorts will take forever. This is unfair and should not eventuate.
In the basic, lowest level of PvP, yes, escorts will prevail. It is once teamwork comes in that the Sci debuffer and the Cruiser healer will truly shine. In such games of higher-level PvP, each career has its role.

Furthermore, PvP reputation progression speed does not necessarily change based on ship. In STFs and such, I am sure that you notice that you get the same amount of marks, and hence progress at the same speed no matter what ship you are using! Therefore, based on previous experience, I would say that your point is not really valid.
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