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*The Intercept coordinates. 1200 Rebel ships have gathered so far (800 Republic Vessels (remember, they have a supply line from the Republic in the Delta Quadrant), 209 Klingon Vessels, 91 Romulan Vessels, and 100 Federation Vessels (so far)), including the R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, R.S.S. Republic, and U.S.S. Excalibur.

R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. Sam walks out of the turbolift and turns to David.*

Sam: Permission to come aboard?

David: Granted. I surrender Command to you now.

Sam: Thank you, David, I accept Command.

Computer: Command codes reverted to Captain Allington, Samantha.

Ops: Captain, the Matthew Neilson is hailing.

Sam: Onscreen.

*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. Matt is sitting in his Command Chair as Sam appears on the Viewscreen.*

Matt: Sam, we don't have a lot of time. Based on Commander DeFalco's projections, we have less than 6 hours before the Synthesisers arrive.

Sam: Then we'd better hurry. You take the Matthew Neilson and rally several vessels for reserve while--

Matt: Sam, Ramez put me in overall command of the attack.

Sam: Why?

Matt: Sam...

Sam: Don't suger-coat it.

Matt: Alright... *He stands up* straight up.

You're emotionally involved in this battle. Your Synthesiser Doppelg?nger is commanding that ship with DeSalle. Command doesn't want to put you in a position where--

Sam: Where I could get everyone killed.

Matt: Not in so many words, but...

I've also got more experience fighting this thing, and I have a plan in mind to take it out.

Sam: I got it. We're making the same upgrades to our fighters here. You'll have 4 more ships to join Alpha Wing out there.

Matt: Thanks Sam.

Look, I'm sorry. I have my orders.

Sam: I understand. I'd make the same call.

Matt: Okay.

Take the Republic and form up with the Klingon Battleship Wing. Taragi's forces should be here any minute. They'll form the forward Vanguard if Alpha doesn't get through.

Matthew Neilson to all ships, listen up. We've only got this one chance to stop that thing. If it gets into the Kazaran Belt, we won't be able to follow and it'll be inside Preston Republic Territory.

Stand by for your command assignments.
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