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To answer your first Question, the Ambassador and Ambassador-R boxes are bound to your Character. They can not be put onto the Exchange or Traded in any way. Personally, I kinda like the Ambassador-R. It's layout seems to fit my overall playstyle.
You mention about going to the Assault Cruiser (Sovereign) as a choice for your Free RA Ship. Basically, the overall stats between the two are about the same (AC has more crew, Amb-R has slightly more hull, Consoles are the same, LCMD and one Lt position flip from ENG to SCI (AC to Amb-R)). Personally, I'd use the Amb-R and use your Free Choice on something else.

As to the the Free RA SCI Ships...
I have Characters that have used both of them. Your Choice really boils down to if you want to be a bit more durable (DSSV) or offensive (Recon SV). Visually, I like the overall looks of the Recon SVs, but no one particular class. I've been able to mix and match the overall parts (usually based around the Sol's Hull) to get something I like.

Now as to using a Defiant Class in the End Game...
In comparison to the other RA Escorts, you wouldn't have as much Hull, the Loss of a LCMD TAC Chair and the third Aft Weapon, and two extra Consoles (one TAC and one ENG or SCI, Ship dependent). While you might be able to get away with it, It's not something I would do personally.

Thank you for the time...
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