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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
The stuff you need for other reputations is obtained by playing PvE. Multiple ways of PvE, mind you. For example, if you don't want to the Romulan missions for Romulan marks you can go Epohh hunting and trade them in. It's quite obvious that there will be only one way to get PvP marks.
While true, Epohh hunting is just one exception. Omega marks, on the other hand, require you to play STF/Defera content, where the only major variation is between ground and space. Your 'one way' to get PvP marks is actually divided into Cap & Hold along with Arena, with both space and ground variations i.e. 2 mission types, in the same way STFs have 4 mission types, space and ground.

*sigh* I don't know why I'm bothering. The high lords of PvP will start crying and PvP reputation will happen, just like their whining resulted in tricobalt nerfs
Then don't! Not having access to any PvP gear will certainly not affect your playstyle. In fact, you won't even be affected by the lack of such gear, assuming you do fine now. Therefore, whether PvP reputation happens or not is simply irrelevant to you.
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